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At Evergreen On Site, we have the most professional and educated technicians around. Whether you are selling or purchasing a home or in need of a routine operations and maintenance (O&M) inspection, we can help. Our thorough inspections will include examining any mechanical or electrical components, identifying any leaks, measuring your scum and sludge levels, checking for signs of backing up, inspecting baffles and filters, and much more. Upon completion of your inspection, our licensed technicians can provide you with recommendations regarding repairs, pumping, or general care and maintenance of your system.

Inspection FAQ's

  • Does King County require septic system inspections for home sales?

    Yes. The Seattle-King County Public Health Department requires that all homes served by a septic system have an inspection be completed before the title is transferred. The inspections can only be performed by a licensed On-site System Maintainer (OSM). Our OSM's complete the inspection, fill out the Operation/Performance Monitoring Report, and submit the reports with the filing fee and the as built to the county to fulfill this requirement.

  • Is an As-Built necessary for this type of inspection?

    Yes. King County requires an accurate as built be submitted with the reports for a property transfer inspection. If an as built is not on file, we can re-create one for you.

  • Does Snohomish County require septic system inspections or pumping for home sales?

    No. The Snohomish County Health Department does not currently have requirements regarding inspections or pumping. However, we recommend that you have an operational inspection performed on your system before you buy the home to make sure the system is in good working order. You may want to check with your lender to see if they are requiring these services to be performed.

  • Is pumping the septic tank necessary when selling a house?

    No. Unless the buyer specifically states in the purchase and sale agreement that this service be performed, pumping is not mandatory, however, our OSM can advise if pumping is recommended.

  • Do you offer regular operations and maintenance plans?

    Yes. We can tailor a plan for your specific type of system and lock in your price for two years. We offer a reminder service and some plans come with online monitoring. Please call our office for more information or to create your plan today.

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