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Winter Tips for Your Septic System | Lake Stevens | Evergreen On Site

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Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Septic System in Bellevue

With winter just around the corner, it’s important that you think about your septic system in Bellevue, Washington. While you should keep up with septic inspections and maintenance year round, it’s particularly important to be mindful of your system during colder months. A septic system specialist can provide advice specific to your exact situation. Keep the following winter maintenance tips in mind, however, as you prepare your septic system for cold weather in Bellevue. 

Cover Your Septic Tank

As temperatures get colder, it is possible for your entire septic system to freeze. If this were to happen, the resulting septic system repair services could be quite expensive. To prevent freezing from occurring, you can put a protective cover over your tank. You may also want to consider covering your drain field, mount, and/or trench.

Continue Your Pumping Schedule

Regardless of the weather, it’s important that you maintain your regular septic tank pumping schedule. In fact, if you know your tank is getting full, it may be a good idea to make an appointment before temperatures begin to drop. An empty tank is at a lower risk of damage due to freezing.

Keep Water Moving

As you probably already know, moving water doesn’t freeze as readily as still water. If you know the temperatures are going to drop one evening, take a few minutes to turn on your faucets. 

Looking for a Septic System Specialists in Bellevue?

Are you looking for a septic system specialist in Bellevue, Washington? With winter on the way, it’s imperative that you take certain steps to protect your septic system. Evergreen On Site in Lake Stevens can help! Not only are our septic specialists prepared to assist with tank maintenance and pumping, but we’re able to perform any repairs if issues do arise. You can also count on our company for septic system design and septic system installation.

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