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Spot Issues before They Turn into Septic Tank Emergencies in Lake Stevens

While regular septic tank inspections and proper maintenance should keep your system in good working order, mishaps do happen. Septic tank emergencies can be tricky issues to resolve, and they're absolutely time sensitive. Taking action quickly is important. The best way to keep issues small, and the resulting damage contained, is to call your septic service company early on. How will you know if something is wrong? Here are three of the most common things you should look for.

1. Odd Sounds and Slow Drainage

Your septic system should never make loud noises or drain slowly. Gurgling sounds and poor drainage can be indicators for a larger problem developing somewhere in your system. Call for septic repairs if you notice either of these signs.

2. Bad Smells and Standing Water

There should never be standing water in your drain field. If you notice flooding, call your septic service company without delay. Strong smells in the drain field can be a sign that something is wrong as well. Even if you don’t see standing water but smell strong odors in the area, it’s a good idea to get help early, rather than wait for the problem to worsen.

3. Improperly Working Plumbing

Clogged plumbing and/or flooding can be a big problem. Waste can stick in your pipes, causing unpleasant smells throughout your home. Call for help right away to fix potential issues fast.

Have a Company Available for Septic Tank Emergencies Near Lake Stevens

While the above-mentioned signs will help you identify if you’re headed for a septic tank emergency, you’ll need a septic service company you can call if disaster strikes. Evergreen On Site can help. We have extensive experience with septic tank inspections, pumping, repairs, and septic tank installation. When your septic system needs attention, we're here to help! Find out more about us or schedule an appointment today.

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