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Is it Time to Replace Your Septic System in Lake Stevens?

Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or just purchased a new house, the time will come to replace your septic system. Proper maintenance and septic repairs will help to ensure your system stays functional longer. But eventually you will need to schedule a new septic tank installation. Under optimal circumstances, a residential septic system will last for years, sometimes decades. But how do you know when it’s time for replacing your unit? Your septic specialist should alert you if it looks like you need a new septic system during your next septic tank inspection. You should also be on the lookout for the following signs.

1. Flooding in Your Drainfield

There should never be standing water in your drainfield. If you notice standing water in your drainfield or around your septic tank, there is a serious problem with your system. Call right away to address the situation.

2. Frequent Sewage Backup

Ideally, your septic system should have no trouble processing the sewage from your home. If, however, you notice an influx of sewage backup in your pipes, it could be an indication there’s an issue with your system. Again, contact your local septic specialist as soon as possible. Waiting for the problem to go away will often have the opposite effect, causing more and more issues to arise.

3. Water Contamination

It’s not uncommon for a septic company to offer free well water tests when inspecting your system or performing a septic tank pumping. Always take advantage of this offer and act immediately if you discover a problem. Your septic system should never impact your water supply.

Ready to Replace Your Septic System in Lake Stevens?

Is it time to replace your septic system? If so, contact Evergreen On Site for assistance. Visit our website for information about our company, to view a list of our services, or to schedule an appointment

When You Need to Replace Your Septic System in Lake Stevens Call the Pros

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