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Tips to Avoid Expensive Septic System Repairs in King County

If you have a septic system on your property in King County, you already expect expenses for regular septic inspections and septic tank pumping. You also know just how expensive septic system repairs can be. Not only are repairs costly, the hassle of scheduling a time for a septic system specialist to come to your home can be difficult. To help you avoid the need for septic system repairs, follow these simple tips in King County. 

Monitor Water Usage Habits

You were probably encouraged to monitor household water usage during your septic system installation. When you overwork your system, fluid backup can cause a hydraulic overload. Remember to run appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher separately to prevent the need for septic system repairs. 

Watch What You Flush

Your septic system requires a healthy balance of chemicals and bacteria to function properly. Flushing harsh cleaners, non-biodegradable items, or even too much salt can result in the need for septic system repairs. 

Use Your Garbage Disposal Sparingly

Scraps and waste from food can easily end up down the drain and can cause serious issues down the line. Too much organic matter can quickly disrupt active bacteria in your tank and result in septic system repairs. When able, use your trashcan to dispose of food waste or start a compost project to make better use of your table scraps.

Need Septic System Repairs or Maintenance in King County?

When you need professional assistance, contact Evergreen On Site in Lake Stevens, Washington. We’re prepared to assist with all of your septic needs, from septic system design to tank pumping. Visit our website to schedule an appointment, or call us at one of our two convenient locations:

King County: (425) 276–7775

Snohomish County: (844) 243–7771

We look forward to assisting you with all of your septic system needs in King County today. 

Expert Septic System Repairs in King & Snohomish Counties

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